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I just wanted to thank you, this asset is great! I was doing something similar but had some visual glitches, I was not using view_surface_id which works better. One comment for those using ports with different size than your views, you might have to change the draw gui code, I used this code > draw_surface_stretched(global.surface[i], 0, (i - 1) * view_hport[i],view_wport[i],view_hport[i]);

I'm glad you found it helpful! 😃

Pls update Грубые острова

I'm actually working on a new version of Tough Islands, which will include lots of exciting stuff. Might be a while before I have something playable though :)

I played all your games, but most of all I'm waiting for Tough Islands.

That's great to hear! Really appreciate your support :)  Give me a follow and I'll make sure to keep you notified when I have something playable.